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Event & Marketing

  • We and our partners commit to deliver your digital messages to your target audiences via 3D holographic display and transparent LCD.
  • Our products offer applications for trade shows, retail stores, conferences, corporate showrooms, lounges, museums and more.

Learning Center & Museum

  • 3D holographic display, transparent LCD display, allow learning centers and museums to present contents in more attractive ways and capture attentions of their visitors with our dynamic and fantastic presentations.
  • We can make learning centers and museums no longer boring and uninteresting by providing lively interactive technologies and 3D content that make children and visitors get knowledge through enjoyable methods.

Product Exhibition

  • Business owners want exhibition visitors to visit their booths and to be interested in their products. Our 3D holographic display and transparent LCD display can make your products and booth attractive, of which will draw attention from exhibition visitors to visit your booths. More visitors to your booth lead to more customers and eventually more revenue.

Increase Conversion Ratio of Retails

  • Our 3D holographic display, transparent LCD display and creative solutions are powerful ways to create showcases of your product. It is a mixed-reality display designed to present products or artifacts in combination with free floating holographic video elements.

Access Security Control System

  • Our access control solutions enable you to control physical access of people to your premises with identification and/or verification by 3D facial-recognition technology. We have both hardware and software solutions to integrate our advanced biometric access control technology into your existing security area or system such as parliament, military head quarter, premiere and executive offices, central bank, large enterprise, restrict zone of airport, data center, etc.
  • Our access control systems can be used with any doors, electric locks, gates, turnstiles and other devices.


Personal Identification Registers

  • Our biometric-based system can provide a solution for personal identification and verification and it is also non-invasive and irrefutable.
  • We provide personal identification register solutions for places that need quick and accurate entry such as Border and Passport Control by using 3D face image with minimal errors.

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Our 3D-simulation platform enables surgeons to give their customers visualization of potential surgical results. This visualization will help customers visualize expected results of their planned operations, and will speed up communication during consultation period with their surgeons.
  • Moreover, our sophisticated software will also provide information on appropriate materials and their sizes to be used in the operation.
  • Our product therefore increases the conversion ratio and provides guidelines for both surgeons and customers in the planning stage of the operation.
  • Potential users include
    • Plastic surgeons
    • Hospitals and medical centers
    • Aesthetic and cosmetic physicians